Volunteer for a Study

The Clinical Neuropsychology Lab (CN Lab) is actively recruiting participants to enroll in our studies. The lab, ran by Dr. Shawn Christ, is constantly conducting new studies and looking for new participants to contribute to our understanding of neurological disorders and mental health. The CN Lab has run a wide range of studies, focusing on neurological traits such as PKU and autism.

The studies conducted in this lab regularly examine cognitive and psychological-related questions. Recent projects in our lab include a study which assessed oversensitivity in children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), working memory examined in adult ASD participants, and research on working memory and anxiety as it relates to phenylketonuria (PKU).

Our research employs current neurological technology, and volunteers should expect to encounter this technology – such as MRI machines, phone apps that give you surveys at home without a researcher present, or devices that track your eye movement while you complete computer tasks. We will provide ample training and assistance with these technologies, and we will be available to help with any concerns about the technology.

Once you are a volunteer for us, you will be given the option to be added to our research participant database. This database allows us to contact potential participants for future studies from a list of involved volunteers.

Who may participate?

We invite everyone to apply to participate in one of our studies. Our lab has conducted research relating to autism in children as well as PKU in adults, among many other research interests that are examined in this lab. We encourage diverse populations to volunteer and help us improve our knowledge of neurological diseases for all communities and cultures.

What are the benefits of participating?

By participating, you and/or your child are contributing to our understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders and how they can affect the developing brain. This research is a vital step in the development of more effective teaching strategies for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Please consider helping us with our efforts. If you and/or your child(ren) would like to participate, please fill out the form below or feel free to contact us directly [Gage Crum, Research Coordinator, Email: cnlab@missouri.edu, Phone: 573-884-8109]. Thank you!